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2012 Industrial Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18017
Trans Bridge Lines
Trans-Bridge Lines offers local service between any two locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This is referred to as intermediate-to-intermediate stop, which means picking up passengers at one bus stop on a given run and dropping off at another bus stop, en route to the final destination. Intermediate stops do not include service to or from airports or the PABT. When using our intermediate service, passengers must notify the driver upon boarding of departure location. Drivers do not pick up passengers for intermediate service at stops with a “D” (discharge passenger only) notation. Please refer to our regular routes to and from the PABT.

The cost of an intermediate ticket is $4. A cash fare intermediate ticket may be purchased directly from the driver, in which exact change is required, or from an authorized ticket agent. Local service between any two of the following Lehigh Valley locations is $2 one way: Allentown, South Bethlehem, Lehigh Valley Airport (ABE), William Penn and Easton. The $2 special fare requires the purchase at one of our authorized ticket agents. Otherwise the $4 fare is in effect.

LVIP New York Service and Pier Service has relocated to our new ABE Terminal. To learn more about this terminal, click here.
LVIP will remain an authorized ticket agent, selling tickets and issuing parking permits for ABE. Hours of operation will remain the same through December 31, 2017. LVIP tickets are valid for travel to/from ABE.